This is a blog fuelled by hate. I hate writing and I hate winter.
I hate writing, but there is this constant flow of ideas into my brain and I like to share them, so I have to write them down. This is a long and arduous process, which is the reason I’m not its greatest fan, and the results are usually just a pale shadow of the ideas in my head, but I do it anyway.
Snippets of what I write end up here.
I also hate winter. It’s dark all the time, the cold saps every ounce of joy from the body, you can’t ride a motorcycle for longer than 20 minutes and I generally spend most of these dark months depressed.
This is why I always thought Christmas to be a holiday better spent abroad, somewhere where there’s sun. And warmth and laughter and general happiness.
In the winter of 2012/2013 I am finally implementing that dream, and due to popular demand from my friends I have decided to put down my impressions of South-East Asia down in writing. My travel ramblings will be placed here under the #ihatewinter tag.
PS. I am writing his note on an e-ink tablet on the beach of Phi Phi Island in Thailand. 🙂

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