Heart Drugs 2

“My parents gave me an implant when I was fourteen, something our parish co-sponsored. Stimulated religious feelings and suppressed sex drive. You know, I’ve never even watched porn until I got married.”

I put my hand on his arm. I reasoned that this was what I would like to have done, were I not on Adfectine. But the only thing I’ve felt was the texture of his clothes, and it was slightly irritating to the touch.

“I’ve heard these things were illegal over in Europe.” I tried to sound supportive. “Parents can’t implant their children without going through three layers of bureaucracy to prove valid medical reasons.”

“Yes, over there, but here, it’s every man’s God given right, to medicate away any problems with their children. Unless you live in California, but you know what they say about California. Bleeding heart liberals, why don’t they move to Europe if they love it so much.”

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